Today’s Easter. I wonder why people like to put the word ‘sunday’ behind easter. It’s like so redundant because easter always falls on sundays. So, I got to thinking. There are only 2 holidays in the world that matters to me as a Christian. One’s Easter and the other’s Christmas.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus and Easter celebrates the very basis of our faith. That Jesus died for our sins and that He ultimately rose again 3 days later, forever conquering death and that who evers believes that He died for our sake will have life everlasting.

And yet, I am not going to church. Even though these 2 festivities are the ones that actually matters to me, I have decided to just stay home. Or maybe, I might want to get out and catch a movie or something. My reasoning is this, I am not a sunday christian. I’m not someone who goes to church on sundays and act like I’m not a christian the other 6 days of the week. I’m not someone who only remembers church on Christmas or on Easter. In essence, I’m not a christian. I’m a believer.

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  1. Isn’t a faithful christian community part of christianity?

  2. yes. so… does only coming down to church for easter or christmas make one a faithful christian?

    maybe it’s just me. but i’d rather not go to church but pray and worship God, commune with Him in my room than only come down to church for either Easter or Christmas and act like I don’t care about God’s word the other 363 days.

  3. I would agree, meeting with God can take place anywhere, some of my best times with God have been in an attic! All I am saying is that part of Christianity is community, for you to grow in your faith, for you to help others grow in their faith, to give your talents and gifts back to God through a community is a beautiful thing…I can’t judge anyone, I can’t tell anyone what to do. Hopefully the ChristEasters meet with God during those 2 sundays, but I sometime feel they are there to get their spiritual checkmark for the year???

    In my life a Christian community has been invaluable, not just in the taking, but in the giving, which, to me is the most rewarding…

  4. yes exactly. that’s my exact take. i’m not someone who goes to church only on these 2 days just to get my spiritual checkmark.

    and that’s exactly what the whole post was about in a sense. i’m just kinda ranting about those people who do that and disappear the rest of the year. and in a way, that was why i didn’t go to church this year. sort of like a spiritual protest maybe?

    iono. it’s just my take i guess.

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