Communication is the key. And the thing now is I’m trying my best to communicate with her, to talk to her… And I end up feeling I’m talking to a wall. I don’t know. I just can’t seem to get through to her. Oh wells. Let go and let God. Not going to care so much about things already…

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Protected: Letter: I’ll Never Break Your Heart

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So. Someone just sorta said I’m a shallow person. Although she didn’t actually said it, she implied it. And I guess that hurts more than anything. I don’t mind if no one likes me for me. I don’t mind if people say I’m not their type. Heck. I don’t even care that much when people say they’re not interested. And I’m kind of resigned when people say we’re just better off as friends.

But when people say I’m shallow just because their friends are… Well. Ouch. Thanks.

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